What it means to be a high roller gambler

There are three different kinds of online gamblers. The first kind is a low rolling gambler, the second is a mid range rolling gambler and the third is a high rolling gambler. There are major differences between these kinds of players. A low roller will bet the absolute minimum, a mid range roller will wager anywhere from $10 to $50 per spin and a high roller will bet the absolute maximum available in the game. That means if the maximum bet is $1000 then that high rolling player will make that bet.

Instant benefits befitting a high roller

When you choose to be a high rolling gambler you are instantly inventing into the game. Most high rollers consider gambling to be their career and because of this they will make the larger bets in the game. When you make the biggest bet available in the game you will receive the bigger wins then you would as a low roller. A low roller will win roughly a maximum of one hundred coins on a winning combination while a low roller will win anywhere from two thousand coins and up.

When you are a high roller gambler you are receive the VIP treatment from the casinos. What this means is that you will get exclusive promotions, free playing money randomly and you will be sent on vacations by the casino. You will also receive faster service if a problem occurs while you are playing. If a regular player is waiting to speak to a representative from the customer support feature but then you need to talk to that representative first the regular player will be put aside and have to wait. These online casinos want to reward high rolling gamblers for their major contribution to the casino on a daily basis.


The last thing that makes being a high rolling gambler so exciting is that you will receive special gifts from the casino. You will be notified by email that you have a new TV, new iPad and so much more coming to you in the mail. These gifts will be completely free from the casino and it is a gift to show their gratitude. These online casinos are aware that if they want to keep these high rolling players they must please them with these gifts, vacations, exclusive promotions and more. If the casino doesn’t provide the high roller with these exclusives the player will take their gambling to another casino.

If you’re a low to mid range gambling looking to make the jump to a high rolling player then you should do so today. The experience you receive while gambling will be night and day, you will wish that you had started high rolling years ago. You will also win a lot more money and eventually you will become a VIP Player. That means that all of the exclusives we listed up above will become available to you as well. We hope you enjoy your future gambling endeavors and we hope that you win a big chunk of money as a new high roller.

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