Winamax is close To Dealing out Their 1 Billionth Hand

Winamax, a online poker room announced that they are very close to dealing out their one billionth hand, this will stand as a massive milestone for the poker room which also gives players several different opportunities to cash in big money.

Winamax has remained as one of the biggest competitors in online poker for the last five years. Any new players to the poker room can receive a five hundred Euro welcome bonus on their first deposit. The poker room got the award for “World Best Online Operator” in 2013. They have continued to improve the experience that they offer every single offer. This poker room also offers various different casino games such as slot machines, giving players a diversified gambling experience.
Winamax also announced that for every one hundred thousand hands that are dealt before the one billionth hand is dealt will be rewarded with a massive cash prize. Each cash prize will be worth one hundred thousand Euro’s while the massive one billionth hand cash prize will be worth one million Euros.

Regular prizes will also become larger in their worth when the hands that are dealt get closer and closer to the one billionth hand. The Winamax group hopes that through this large increase in cash prizes will drive more players to their poker tables.

If you want to experience these larger wins you can do so by registering an account with the poker room.