William Hill Ends Operations In 55 Countries

William Hill, a long lasting gambling giant within the online gambling has announced that once again their pulling out of 55 countries. They have now ended operations in these 55 countries, closing on March 26th 2014.

William Hill Logo

William Hill announced these closures through an email sent to affiliate marketers of William Hill. Those countries that have been effected by this closure include Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East. William Hill didn’t detail as to why they are terminating operations in these various countries other than stating that it’s due to regulation laws.

As of March 26th, previous punters of William Hill in these countries will no longer be able to make a deposit or use any of the gambling services offered by William Hill. The players who have yet to withdraw their money will no longer be able to do so.

This news comes as a sadness for many online gamblers throughout the world. William Hill provides some of the best gambling services known to the industry. You can wager on various sports, play slots, table games, card games, live dealer casino games and so much more. Europe is the next continent that will be focusing on regulating their online gambling market, there is no news relating towards the future of William Hill’s operations in the United Kingdom. If William Hill pulls out of anymore countries they will barely be able to survive as an online gambling operator.
Fortunately the United States is becoming more legal on a state level, New Jersey just signed for a international licensing bill that would allow for them to give licenses to international operators. This could allow for William Hill to operate in the USA.