Unibet Has High Quarterly Numbers

Unibet unveiled that their first quarter in 2014 saw positive financial results for every sector within the gambling related company. This doesn’t come as a surprise as in 2014 Unibet has been focusing their efforts on promoting their gambling services which in return has brought in a massive increase in player activity.

The report that Unibet unveiled shows that player activity increased so much that Unibet was able to bring in an extra 12.5 Million GBP, this is an increase of 33% when you compare this quarter to the first quarter in 2013. Punters were also able to win more money as Unibet had to pay out an extra 8 Million GBP in winnings.

At the end of the first quarter in 2014 Unibet has been able to secure a total of 552,338 active punters. This is massive increase compared to last year, during 2013 Unibet closed the first quarter with a total of 489,923 Punters. This helps to prove that Unibet is increasing in popularity.

Henrik Tjanstorm, the CEO behind Unibet made a statement regarding the performance of his company saying, “Unibet works hard every single year in order to increase our player activity, profit and popularity. This year we focused on promoting our casino through various different methods. Sponsoring sporting events, making new TV commercials, advertising on various online gambling related websites and more. The end result has been that Unibet has increased in popularity and now become a main contender within the industry.”