Random Jackpots

Random Jackpots are the most popular form of a jackpot for slot machine games. A large majority of slot machine games now offer progressive jackpots today. You could hardly find any progressive jackpots a couple of years ago but now they are everywhere and everyone loves them. The reason for this is because a random jackpot will give you the opportunity to win a huge amount of money and every single player will have the equal opportunity to win the jackpot due to is being won randomly thanks to a random number generator.

Roughly around four years ago random jackpots started to truly dominate the online gambling industry. The whole reason that random jackpots are so popular today is because of the Real Time Gaming Real series slot games. RTG were the first software developers who truly started the craze for random jackpots and now many of the top software developers are copying RTG’s amazing idea. The majority of random jackpot slot games will not require you to wager the full amount in order to compete to win the progressive jackpot. You can either wager the smallest amount of money or the largest amount of money, either way you will still have the equal opportunity to win.

Microgaming has a wide variety of random jackpots and each one of the games also come with astonishingly beautiful visuals. Some of the best random jackpot games that Microgaming has include the entire Mega Moolaa series, one of the best games from the Mega Moolaa series include Mega Moolaa 5 Reel Drive. Each one of these games run on a network and you will see the random jackpots start at one million dollars. These Microgaming slot games will come with four different progressive jackpots for you to win.

Real Time Gaming now has more than ninety different slot games that have random jackpots with them. Some of these RTG games will have four, three progressive jackpots in each game. This will include a Mini, Major and the Massive jackpot. Each one of these jackpots will still provide you with a huge amount of money to be won which is what every player loves about these random jackpots. Every single time you click the spin button you might be spinning towards the progressive jackpot.

Playtech has a very large variety of random jackpot slots and each one of these slot games will be branded with some of your favorite Marvel super heroes. You will notice the game the fantastic four, iron man, iron man 2, Elektra, x-men, punisher, the incredible hulk, dare devil and no one can forget Blade. You will be able to win the power jackpot, super power jackpot, extra power jackpot and the ultimate power jackpot within these games.

Random Jackpots are the way to go:

We know that you want to win as much money as you possibly can, we know that you expect the highest quality casino games and we know that we do not want to disappoint our views. So we have made sure to only include the very best progressive random jackpot slot games within this article and we hope that one of the games that we have provided for you within this article will take you on the path towards major riches. Either way whatever random jackpot game you play will give you more than enough opportunities to make yourself a very rich man or woman.