No prison time for Legends Sportsbetting defendant

One of the defendants that were connected to the Legends sports betting website from Costa Rica has managed to void going to prison even if he was a key element in the illegal gambling ring. The whole sports betting operations were conducted in the United States.

His name is Craig Hayner, he is 44 years old and the US Federal court just sentenced him to pay a $250K fine for taking part of the Costa Rica illegal sports betting operations. At the same time he also avoided spending time in jail. Hayner is one of the 34 people that were incriminated during the operation. And out of the 34 only 4 have reached a deal with the authorities so far.

The Legends used to be a very popular online casino and sports betting website that was operating out of Costa Rica. The site was shut down at the beginning of this year and the government officials said that there were more than $1 billion brought in during the years it worked as a sports betting website.

There are some rumors that are indicating that the illegal activities done by the Legends website were indicated to the federal investigators by an employee.