New Hampshire Director wants the Wire Act re-instated

The Director for the Republican Leadership Institute of New Hampshire is calling out to the USA Government to re-instate the US Wire Act so that online gambling can be outlawed again. He said that online gambling in dangerous and just another way for the states to raise the taxes.

Andrew Hemingway went on to state the positive side effects of online gambling and what it can do for the state of New Hampshire. He went on to say that bring a casino style gambling experience will allow for Gov. Hassan to repair the holes that she has in her budget and put more money into the community of New Hampshire. Hemingway wouldn’t go off just stating the positive side effects. He also stated that online gambling promotes unfair gambling and underage gambling at the same time.

The Republican Directed once again went on to call for the Wire Act is be reinstated and he hopes that the politicians of New Hampshire won’t allow for Governor Maggie Hassan to push gambling onto the state.