IGT Mega Jackpots Progressive Jackpot Triggered


IGT, one of the more global names in the gambling markets had one of their largest progressives triggered earlier on this week. The Mega Jackpots Progressive was triggered, allowing for one lucky gambler to win a total of $1,370,921. This life altering win took place on May 12th, 2015.

Unfortunately as of right now IGT has yet to reveal any of the details regarding this jackpot win. The reasoning for this is simple, it’s due to the fact that this winning player is on a different tax bracket now and could have harassment issues if his/her name was to be released. We still are unaware as to which casino hosted this win as well. This jackpot has only been won five times since 2009, this jackpot win differs from the previous four jackpots one since 2009.

It’s surprising to see that this jackpot was won so quickly as only four weeks ago another online gambler was able to win $1.1 Million under the Mega Jackpots Progressive. This marks the third time that this jackpot has been won this year, showing a major increase in player activity through the IGT gambling platform. This progressive jackpot is available on an array of different IGT slots, allowing for the jackpot to increase at a more rapid rate.

In order for someone to trigger this jackpot one again they willigt need to play at an online casino which supports the IGT software. We’ll inform you of the details regarding this jackpot win once their revealed.