Greece blacklists more than 400 gambling sites

Greek’s Hellenic Gaming Commission has released a statement that is has now blocked over 400 internet betting sites that had been offering their services within the country illegally. They full list of sites have not been released as of yet but will be published in the coming weeks.

A statement from the Hellenic Gaming Commission states “The list of sites has been sent to all two hundred and eleven internet providers in Greece. S well as ISP’s the list was sent to financial institutions in order to alert them that they are not to process transactions from any of those on the list. Further to the above the list was sent to those responsible for prosecution of illegal activities. This was done in connection that their powers allow for actions to be taken against those who operate without a license as it is a serious criminal offense.

All sites that were blocked were verified to be offering services illegally over the course of several days from various locations within Greece. This is the first of its kind in Greece and it is safe to say additional sites will be blocked in the months ahead.