FlowPlay, a new social online casino

Flow Play is a company that creates new forms of social entertainment. Today the company released a new social online casino called Vegas World. This new social casino will allow for you to connect with your friends via Facebook and other social networks. You will be able to post your wins and interact with the friends you have on your Facebook.

FlowPlay’s new online casino Vegas World will provide the players with all kinds of different casino games to choose from. These games include slots, roulette, poker and much more.

The general manager and founder of FlowPlay Derrick Morton commented on this new release saying, “When you are playing a land based slot you get more of a sense of excitement because there are people all around you. Our new casino will let you interact with several other players at once. You can choose to help one another with tips or you can choose to just beat them silly.”

Vegas World is available right now on Facebook and it’s also available on mobile platforms. These mobile platforms being iOS and Android will allow Facebook users to access the games via their mobile devices anytime they wish.