Federal Poker

There is currently an offer on the table for congress, a bill which seeks legalization of online poker on a federal level. The Executive Director behind the Poker Players Alliance is well aware of this new bill and has written an op-ed. In the op-ed he states that this federal solution will more than likely not happen if the past is any indication. He believes that a state-by-state resolution is more likely of a solution to occur as there are already states doing this with their own online gambling industries.


John Pappas wrote the piece for the online/land based gambling publication Yogonet. He noted that due to the partnership that Congress has with the land based gambling industry it is unlikely that an online poker legislation will be approved. This doesn’t mean a cross country poker industry isn’t possible as states can connect their gambling industries with one another. The only issue is that online poker would only be legalized on a state level.

“Fractured by ongoing partisanship and the typical stagnation of an election year, the United States Congress today can be best defined by its inaction rather than action,” Pappas claims. “As such, the prospects for federal legislation to license and regulate online poker in the near future are slim, drawing attention instead to the states, where progress is more promising.”

Pappas does feel that states all around the United States of America are starting to take a hard look at legalizing online poker. When the time comes for these individual states to legalize online poker they will create their own bills, legalize them and operate the industry on their own.