Euro Palace Once Again Offering Summer Fun Fair promo

Summer has now come upon us, the sun is out and everything is shining. This is the best time of year and everyone knows it. Euro Palace hasn’t forgotten about summer and they are once again offering their Summer Fun Fair Promotion in order to celebrate the season.


This new promotion will run from June 18th to July 28th, the promotion is exclusive to Euro Palace. Players are guaranteed to win some incredible prizes as you can access the fairground where a new attraction is being held each week, that attraction is the weekly prize which any player can win at a moment notice. The prizes range from a series of electronics to cash prizes that range from $200 to $500 per week. If you want you can cash in your prize and be entered for the monthly prize. This will result in you being sent on an incredible vacation. You can enter this one month long promotion by emailing or contacting someone from the Euro Palace Customer Support Service.

You will then have to make a deposit of the amount indicated each week and wager on any casino game offered at Euro palace. Winners will be notified and casino credits allocated the day after the close of each week’s Guaranteed Tombola. The real world prize winners will be contacted by the online casino customer support team to make arrangements for delivery. Euro Palace online casino will designate a special slot game each week during the promotion period. Players who wager on that game will earn three times the regular club VIP points.

You will have to wait till nearly the end of June to play this promotion, if you aren’t already registered with Euro Palace then you should create a player account with them today.