Delaware And Nevada In Discussions For Online Poker Pools

The Governors of Nevada and Delaware have been in talks that would allow for all online poker players in both states to play against one another on certain shared websites. This would allow for more competitions, bigger payouts and more money being invested into both states. The original report came in from the Las Vegas Sun.

These negotiations for a online poker pool have been going on for a series of weeks, both of the governors in these states have come out about their opinions on this potential poker pool. The results of the discussions have been nothing but positive from reports but no firm agreements have been made as of now.

One of the main concerns for those involved in the potential poker pools is that right now the numbers don’t add up. The states won’t be able to support the poker rooms as there aren’t enough players for the casinos, both the states and software developers to make money. This issue can be resolved though with major advertisements across multiple platforms of entertainment.

This method of thinking is popular because enough advertising will allow for more players to sign up at the certain casinos available. Both the states want these online poker rooms to work out as they offer a potential massive growth in the economy for both of the states. As the discussions continue we will keep you updated on any news.