Codere and BetSoft Strike A Deal!

BetSoft Gaming is thought to be one of the largest software developers in the internet betting industry. Today they announced that they have signed a new content supply deal with Codere, a Spanish online betting firm.

This new deal will give Codere the opportunity to put every single one of BetSoft’s slot machine games into their land based casinos. This will also allow BetSoft to enter the Spanish Gambling Market which they have yet to do.

Commenting on the new supply deal is the Anthony Locke, who is the man in charge of Product Development and he said, “We are proud to be partnered up with one of the best Spanish gambling firms in Spain. They are one of the most known firms in the country and have a massive amount of support behind them. We look forward into entering this new gambling market and we hope it jumps our player base enormously. We also hope to sustain a long and friendly relationship with Codere.”

Felipe Ludena is the CTO of Codere and he said, “We know that BetSoft is a leader in Cinematic 3D Gaming. They’re track record is long and it is proven to be great. We hope to bring our players a new experience that they have never had before through the BetSoft software.”