Betfair Pulls Exchange from Austria

Betfair, a long time operator in Austria and overall the European Union, chose this week to pulling their Betting Exchange gambling services from Austria. Though this might be the case Austrians will still be able to use the regular Betfair sportsbetting and casino services. The Betting Exchange in Austria owned by Betfair will close for good on July 14th.

European Union

Betfair has been operating in Austria since 2005, for nearly a decade they have provided Austrian punters with some of the best gambling experiences known to the Austrian online gambling market. The reason as to why Betfair is pulling their betting exchange services from Austria is because of the regulation laws being regulated in various European Markets. These new laws can result in massive tax increases for Betfair which would prove to make the betting exchange services they offer no longer profitable.
Betfair has been making these kind of moves all around the European Union. Germany and Greece were two of the recent countries to see Betfair pull some of their gambling services from those respective gambling markets. You can expect Betfair to do the same in various other markets in the future as regulation is occurring all around the European Union.

We shall continue to keep you informed on every update released regarding what Betfair plans to do with their future in the European Union. Regardless you can expect them to remain as one of the key gambling operators in the European Union.