Betfair and Odobo Gaming Enter Mobile Partnership

BetFfir is a well-known online gambling operator, their a firm that has been able to become the main hotspot for online gambling within the United Kingdom. They offer an outstanding PC Gambling Platform and their mobile gambling platform cannot be matched by any competitor. BetFfair has revealed that they’ve signed a content supply deal with Odobo Gaming. Odobo Gaming specifically developers mobile casino games, making them the perfect choice for a content deal.

odobo gaming

Odobo Gaming now has to load each one of their twenty three mobile casino games onto the Betfair Mobile Gambling Platform. Odobo hasn’t seen a supply deal like this in their lifetime as an operator, it’ll allow for their software to become well known and potentially gain thousands of new fans. Odobo will also have to load each new casino game they developer onto the Betfair mobile platform for the next three years.

Betfair knew that offering the Odobo Mobile Platform to their punters could be a bad decision but Betfair has been known to give new software developers a chance, they’ve done this before and have allowed for that developer to flourish into new levels of popularity. Odobo Gaming hopes that the same thing will happen with their mobile gambling platform, if this is the case you can expect Odobo Gaming to be a major player in the European Union online gambling market for a long time to come.

You can currently play any of the games that Odobo Gaming has developed by registering a player account for the Betfair Mobile Casino.