Apple’s TouchID Implemented

SkyBet, an internet gambling operator, announced today that they have implemented a brand new feature never before seen at a mobile gambling platform. SkyBet revealed that they have implemented a new feature with their mobile sportsbook. This new feature is used with the Apple TouchID Finger Print Scanner. Those who have an account with SkyBet’s mobile sportsbook will be able to instantly log in by using the finger print scanner on their iPhones.


This technology has been available for more than a year but is only now being implemented by a mobile gambling platform. Moving forward SkyBet has said that they plan to add this new feature to all of their mobile gambling products in order to make gambling that much more accessible for punters.

This feature is currently only available for the Apple iPhone 5s, Apple 6 and Apple 6 Plus. SkyBet has said that they will be adding this feature to their mobile sportsbook iPad application in the upcoming days for those who have the brand new iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3. This means that punters will be able to easily access their gambling experience with the touch of their finger.

SkyBet hasn’t revealed as to when this feature will be coming to their mobile casinos. We will keep you informed on when SkyBet reveals more information regarding this new feature or if any other mobile casinos decide to offer this feature as well. Those wishing to try out this new feature can do so by signing up with SkyBet Sportsbook Mobile.