$450,000 Won at Bovada Casino

Three separate punters have been able to win life altering amounts of money at Bovada Casino today. These wins didn’t take place via the land based casino but instead took place on their online casino within the USA.

Bovada Casino

The first win came through Samuel E, located from Michigan he was able to win $262,305.25 by triggering the jackpot of Super Diamond Mine. Joshua B on the other hand, located in Nebraska hit a royal flush on fifty-two hands while playing Jacks or Better, he won $102,615 in the process. The last winning punter is Samuel L who triggered $87,800 while playing Tri-Card Poker. This Texas player surely was pleased to say the lead.

Bovada is an American based gambling sites, one of the few available to Americans. It consists of video poker, table poker, casino games, video slots and sportsbetting. This casino is operated & owned by Bodog gaming, a site which is owned by Calvin Ayre. It’s ironic that this casino is even able to remain open at Mr. Ayre is on the American’s Most Wanted List.

None of these players opted out to release statements regarding their jackpot wins, by law their names have to be released to the public in the USA. This can result is harassment issues though so making any statements which can reveal information is considered to be a no. Those who want to experience Bovada only have to sign up with the casino via a valid payment method. Nothing but incredible experiences await whoever does.